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Armoursmithing Wiki is to enable and empower armorers to preserve their knowledge, techniques, and patterns in an ongoing, publicly available and editable form. Many of the old posts on the AA no longer have functioning images or are very difficult to find due to the archives search function requiring a degree of skill to use. This has led to a lot of basic topics coming up again and again whilst advanced topics get little discussion. You're welcome to browse for a while, if you wish, or make an account to start editing pages.

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Late 14thC Spaulders by Craig Nadler

Spaulders front

Finished Spaulders by Craig Nadler using his Spaulder Pattern.

Spaulders are always touted as the project for beginners as they teach all the basic skills in a neat simple project that isn't daunting for a beginner and can be completed with basic tools.

Craig's pattern comes with basic instructions and order for construction although a beginner will still need to seek aditional instructions to understand which pieces need dishing/raising and how deep to do them.